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Released - December 31st, 2018

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Take the role >>

The role of a landlord is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, you always have to be on your feet. In the town of new blossom you have the ability to buy homes, fix them up, and let people live comfortably in them. While also being able to be a franchisee for the local businesses who no longer have dedicated owners.

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Never forget or become lazy >>

Now you won’t be doing this alone you have a trusty handy-women to help you on your journey. Things braking and going off rail is a common thing to happen. But there will be a lot of downtime if you do things right and there are things to do around town for extra money to fill it up.

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Charge high or low >>

The amount of rent can also be chosen rather you want to be a evil person and charge the highest you can or be a humble landlord and charge next to nothing. These are the choices that can be made but each comes with it's own drawbacks and benefits. Missing rent, overpayment, more issues, faster happiness depletion, can you overcome the results of your choices.

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Free time is no guarantee >>

If you do everything right and get everything taken care of you can enjoy the extra activities in town, which will in turn earn you some extra money to help own the town. You can play these mini games to waste time but don't waste too much time or a wave of problems might wash you away.

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Businesses, Businesses >>

The ability to own business is something of its own challenge, you choose every aspect from the price range sold to how many people are going to be working how long. The power is in your hands but if your not careful you might just go under.

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Issues all around >>

Best we forget the issues, with your Handy-women by your side choose to repair them yourself for a low price or have her take care of the dirty work for you. But if issues are abundant and time is low you could always hire a professional if your funds allow.

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