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As a small two person team, we aspire to deliver the best experience possible with every world carefully created. Throughout developing our first game, we were able to discover ways to improve our future projects through player experience and using resources wisely. Read on, take a look at what's being worked on and subscribe to join us on this journey.


Experience Our Worlds

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Forbidden zone

Current project

A survival game with focus on resource management and exploration into the unknown.

More information coming in

Summer 2022

The blood crew

Current project

 After terrible truths are uncovered you must take action and find a way out before the unspeakable comes true.

Landlord Simulator

Released - December 31, 2018

Be your own landlord in the town of New Blossom. Buy and fix homes & apartments, fix issues that arise, run businesses and play mini-games. It's all up to you which order you do it in. Just remember to own the town and run it in the way you see fit in the end.


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