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we strive to be different than the normal, we believe that the only way to make games is to do it without the hopes of massive sales, forced paid DLC and other influences that have swamped the market nowadays. When we start to make a game, we do it because it seems like it would be a fun game to play and that's it no other hopes and dreams of what it will be once it is done just a good game that could provide hours of fun. Please take a look around and enjoy your visit.

Games in the works

We try to always have a variety of games in the works at any given time, we strive to stay open minded in both style and gameplay mechanics.

Will Arena

Newest Game

Released - October 1 , 2019

Run A burger

Run as long as you can while completing orders in this infinite runner with a twist.

Progress through each stage to unlock the next and see how many orders you can complete before you hit the ground. 

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