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MasterCalamity Games has been a two-person team dedicated to creating the best possible gaming experiences . With our past game, we learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t, and we’re excited to use that knowledge to create even more engaging and immersive games.

We’re passionate about creating games that are original, innovative, and above all, fun. we’re always looking to push ourselves further with every new project. So if you’re looking for a small indie company to follow then read on.


Experience Our Stories

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Forbidden zone

Current project

A survival game with focus on resource management and exploration into the unknown.

More info coming  soon

Landlord Simulator

Released - December 31, 2018

Be your own landlord in the town of New Blossom. Buy and fix homes & apartments, fix issues that arise, run businesses and play mini-games. It's all up to you which order you do it in.


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