Release date - Spring 2021

A game for visually impaired & blind individuals

 Will arena is a game that can be played without sight, it has many systems at work that help bring the world to life in a way that can be easily enjoyed by anyone who is playing the game both sighted and not. 

Trail system 

This is a system in which allows one to freely roam the world without getting lost, it is  reminisces of old style RPGs where the camera control was not very intuitive. Throughout the world many different points will also have descriptive narrative to give a good idea of where you are and what everything looks like. Along with this a function can be switched to add a different path to help get to quest objectives and discovered locations. Each point gives an audible sound on arrival to ensure the player knows that they are somewhere new as well as a sound to inform when a path isn't available.

Fully voiced

This is a mainly audio based game where almost everything that can be read is read by a person not a computer. Menus,  location points, enemy names, attacks, everything. There is also a sensor in game that allows the player to know if they are running into a wall, a tree, bolder or anything else in the world to ensure a sense of location can be given. 

Enemies & monsters

The monsters in the game are going to be mainly stationary and set on the paths themselves. But don't let this fool you to think that the challenge is taken away, just like in old RPGs a heavy reliance on proper stats will help the player survive in the world. Then again though the enemies of the will not chase the player their health will regenerate upon battle conclusion if the option to run away was taken. Then it will stay at that location until it can be defeated even if it blocking a plot sensitive path. The system of attacking also give the player a chance to have an actual battle, this game is not turn based. The enemy will give a sound when attacking to give a chance to block and the player can attack as many times as possible before this happens. Each monster comes with different challenges 

Loot & exploration 

Throughout the world sounds are always available  rather its rivers, towns, monsters, or loot. Everything is given a specific sound so when something is found it feels like an achievement. The sounds are ranged based so nothing is handed out the player will have to search around for an item or town until the sound is louder  or source is found. 

See it all in action