Release date - October 1, 2019


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Get those running shoes ready

Run as long as you can while completing orders in this infinite runner with a twist.
Progress through each stage to unlock the next and see how many orders you can complete before you hit the ground. 

The Runners

Only 99¢

The Burgers

The Plain burger
For those who don't like to much excitement between the buns
The Fishy Cheese
You just can't trust cheese now-a-days.
The Bacon burger
A burger of meat, cheese & bacon you can almost hear the sizzle of the grill still.
The Hawaiian
Just when you need that tropical vacation.
The Double Chessy Chicken
You know those jokes that make you groan, well here's a sandwich that will make you cluck.
Under the same bun
Nothing like a taste of everything at the same time.
The Fishy
Just a simple catch or two.
The smoky chicken
What did you think beef would get all the fun.
The triple
So much meat we'll give you a fork due to your tiny mouth.
The Mystery
More burgers to