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Updated: Nov 16

Greetings everyone, welcome to this entry of the Thoughts blog.

This week we are going to talk about the final camera position we have decided really fits with the game. The angle itself is going to be somewhere in the range of a 3rd person game. Where you can see the whole character and the environment around them, I say to think, State of decay. The game itself gathers elements of survival that same way a Real-time strategy game might. Having to worry about multiple people and a battle formation, but you do it all from the perspective of a sole character. This feeds to the idea of being able to upgrade your base with various facilities and areas. Assisting you in establishing yourself and survive for the long run.

We have played around with alternative views and angles but the others kind of throws too much and feels overwhelming. While it’s true one could remove some features, it would undoubtedly take from the game being created making it nothing more than a prepare and fight experience.

Shortly, we hope to have a few screenshots and maybe even videos looking over the game in little snippets. But until that time if you have gotten to this point. We thank you for reading our thoughts and we hope you will continue to follow us on our journey.


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