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A new beginning

Greetings everyone, welcome to this entry of the Thought blog.

To begin with, we wanted to talk about the reintroduction of a formal site for the company. It's been something we've been attempting to do for a while and it's nice to finally get around to that. Although MasterCalamity games have been out of action for quite some time, we have been diligently working on new ideas and functions within the company to get back to the way we intended everything to be. Some of those ideas are, of course, this Thought blog to give our subscribers and viewers insight to what our small Indie company does from Project to project. We are also in the process of creating 3D printed merchandise to launch with our current title to give memorabilia to anyone who might be interested.

Additionally, we are working on a new project currently called The Devoid. The name could possibly change as this is the third title assigned. The game itself is designed to be light horror survival/exploration experience. We are using titles such as BioShock, Dead Space, The forest and others as inspiration for atmosphere, environment and unique gameplay. We are also doing a majority of the assets within the game ourselves while sparingly using the unity asset store for others. Currently, there is a placeholder on the homepage with the date in which more information will be released which is going to be in Winter 2021.

Currently, we are working hard to deliver an enjoyable and playable experience to the players. Using the knowledge and skills that we have gained over our time since the release of our first game. If you have gotten to this point, we thank you for reading our thoughts and we hope you will continue to follow us on our journey.